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Thanks to for the inspiration to create this reference to RV-14 material.

Van's Aircraft RV-14 Kit: Build Instruction Hints / "Gotchas" by Section

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Getting Started

Empennage / Aft Fuselage Kit

Empennage / Aft Fuselage Kit Options

Wing Kit

Wing Kit Options
Wing QB Kit

Fuselage Kit

Fuselage QB Kit

Finishing Kit

Finishing Kit Options

Firewall Forward Kit

Firewall Forward Kit Options

Avionics Options

Service Information and Revisions

Service Bulletins

Notifications And Letters


Other Topics/Links

Description Link
VAF RV 14 Threads View
VAF RV 14 Plan "Gottchas" & Inventory View

Optional Aftermarket Modifications

Builder Logs & YouTube Channels

Builder Log Feature Table

Builder Assist

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