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Always check VANS Service Information And Revisions for updates


Page Link Description
6-02 Emp 06-02 Step 6 Orientation of flush rivets on the doubler
6-02 VS-702 Trimming Goof
6-02 Match drilling 1/4 hole Issue match drilling VS-01401 1/4 hole
6-03 Vertical Stabilizer Nose Rib Fit
6-03 Use of "TYP" in the plans
6-04 Also scuff the hinge brackets, easier to do it now than when painting
6-05 Riveting forwardmost most rib Issue with rivet sitting flush
6-05 Riveting forwardmost most rib Issue with setting rivets
6-05 Issues riveting VS-705/VS-704/VS-703PP Discussion on trouble setting some rivets in the Forward Spar # 803pp and the two bottom Ribs #'s 704 and 705
6-05 Riveting Front Spar VS-705/VS-704 to VS-702 Discusses problem with Rivets folding over
6-05 Riveting Front Spar VS-705/VS-704 to VS-702 Using a long rivet set and bucking bar
6-05 VS-411PP Riveting Technique
6-05 VS-410PP Riveting Technique

Builder Videos

Builders which publish multiple videos not tied to a specific section of the build are posted linked @ RV14 Org Playlists. For editor access to that channel contact

Link Author Topic
Link Marc Gough Section 6 Van's RV14A Vertical Stabilizer Assembly Build Timelapse
Link Andrew Kilroy Playlist containing Andrew Kilroy Vertical Stabilizer related videos
Link Josh Sinclair Playlist containing Josh Sinclair Vertical Stabilizer related videos