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Page Link Description
Oil canning rudder Notes on oil canning in the rudder that might be caused by rib flanges not at the proper angle
General Rudder twist discussion
7-03 Missing holes on R-405PD Some early parts were missing wholes that need to be match drilled
7-03 Rudder Horn Hole Elongation Describes some causes solutions to hole elongation in thick material
7-03 R-912/R-903 Radius Edges
7-07 Dimpling Stiffeners Use small diameter dimple dies when dimpling the stiffeners
7-10 Difficult Rudder Rivet Order of riveting rudder horn vs bottom ribs
7-12 Rudder TE Riveting Technique
7-12 Rolling Leading Edges

Builder Videos

Builders which publish multiple videos not tied to a specific section of the build are posted linked @ RV14 Org Playlists. For editor access to that channel contact

Link Author Topic
Link Marc Gough Section 7: Van's RV14A Rudder Assembly Time Lapse
Link Andrew Kilroy Playlist containing Andrew Kilroy Rudder related videos
Link Josh Sinclair Playlist containing Josh Sinclair Rudder related videos