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Kit Options

Tail Lighting

Item Notes
Flyleds Tail Light-Stand alone model
Flyleds Tail Light-kit model Must also order The Works" Wingtip Lighting Kit for wing lighting
Whelen Tail Strobe Notes Post on VAF describing Whelen installation
Whelen Tail Strobe Aircraft Spruce
AeroLED Suntail Strobe Tail Light Kit Can be ordered from VANS with the Empennage kit


Item Notes
Inventory List
Amount of tank sealant needed for elevator
Empennage Fairing Specifies F-01496 comes with the finishing kit
RV-14/14A Skyview / Advanced Flight Systems - Autopilot Yaw Servos Install Kit See SECTION 10: AFT FUSELAGE for a suggestion on installing hard to reach parts in this section. There is also a kit: RV-14/14A G3X Yaw Servo Install Kit however, its the same price as the Dynon version and the Dynon version contains the same parts as the G3X version.
F-14139 Bellcrank Mount Base Looks like this would be needed to get the match drilling for the yaw servo mounting hardware in the correct position, it normally included in the fuselage kit.