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Always check VANS Service Information And Revisions for updates


Yaw Servos

In a video by Marc Gough, it was suggested that installing the mounting hardware for the Yaw Servos should be done in this section because riveting F-14189B to F-01407-R/L would become difficult later in the installation. Based on research it looks like the following should be done (None of this has been verified, its based on looking at documentation only)

  • Order the following:
  • Reference sections/page: 10-12 (2015-12-03), 36-07 & 08 (2014-12-10), and 58-02 (2016-10-21)
  • After section 10-12 goto 58-02, instructions look like they can be followed as written, but make sure to position F-14139 under F-14189A before match drilling F-14189B to F-01407.
Link Description
Riveting the tail cone solo Recommends back rivet where possible

Builder Videos

Builders which publish multiple videos not tied to a specific section of the build are posted linked @ RV14 Org Playlists. For editor access to that channel contact

Link Author Topic/Tips
Link Marc Gough Playlist containing Marc Gough Aft Fuselage related videos.
  • Suggest installing YAW Servo Plate & Support from SECTION 58: AUTOPILOT YAW SERVOS at this time.
  • Recommended using a Pitot static kit from Cleveland Tools, but it appears to be discontinued.
Link Andrew Kilroy Playlist containing Andrew Kilroy Aft Fuselage related videos
Link Josh Sinclair Playlist containing Josh Sinclair Aft Fuselage related videos