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Page Link Description
General RV-14 Question On Horizontal Stab Skin Notes on final drilling of the HS
General Horizontal Stabilizer Rear Spar Misalignment Notes on misalignment being caused by twist in the HS spar
8-04 HS rear spar countersinking Discussion on expected appearance of gap between a countersunk and dimpled surface when countersinking to flush + .007"
8-06 HS-905 Nose Ribs Discussion on using 1/4" x 1/8" hose on shop head to keep parts pushed together
8-11 For Possible Future Reference
How did you rivet nose ribs on HS
Several posts discussing riveting the inboard ribs to the spar
8-12 Check for possible interference of the factory/shop heads on the elevator.

Builder Videos

Builders which publish multiple videos not tied to a specific section of the build are posted linked @ RV14 Org Playlists. For editor access to that channel contact

Link Author Topic
Link Marc Gough Section 8: Van's RV14A Horizontal Stabilizer Time Lapse Video
Link Andrew Kilroy Playlist containing Andrew Kilroy Horizontal Stabilizer related videos
Link Josh Sinclair Playlist containing Josh Sinclair Horizontal Stabilizer related videos